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Back On YouTube

After four months of not using social media to evangelize, I've discerned, with the approval of my spiritual director, that it is time to return in a limited fashion.

I started my former channel fifteen years ago, and it underwent a few name changes as I changed over that time period. I also deleted many videos that were no longer in line with the message I was trying to share or were outright hateful, vulgar, and destructive to the soul. In a short period, I went from having just over four thousand videos to half of that number. Still, the feeling remained that I'd shared too much and in a way that was not best for others.

In the last two years, my awareness of the detrimental effect of all social media on my ability to be quiet and still became more evident. I discerned it was time to stop using it and to remove myself from the distracting, noisy stream of social media and distracting stimulation in general.

Four months later, I've come to know myself better and have drawn closer to Jesus and Mary. I do not want to return to the stream most of the time, but I believe I am obligated to help others come to the place Jesus has brought me to. So, I am back on YouTube only to lead others out of the stream that keeps them from Christ.

Please share this, subscribe to the channel, and like the video so that I can help as many as possible.

Human-written, AI-spell-checked

Written 7/9/24 AD


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