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Whispering Fire

If there is a fire in my apartment building and I run out the door whispering, 'Fire, fire,' I will be wasting my breath because no one will hear me.

The world is on fire, but not in the way most people perceive it. It is on fire because it has turned away from the comforting, burning love of Jesus Christ and His Church and embraced the selfish, godless fire that destroys. Those of us who are aware of this inferno have an obligation not to whisper but shout “FIRE!!!” no matter how many people urge us to be quiet about it. 

Many people who are living in the burning building that is the world today wish to stay in their apartments undisturbed and wish us who see the fire to be pipe down about it and go away. They go so far as to report us as troublemakers and disturbers of the peace. They want to be left alone, but we must not let this deter us. 

We have to warn the world as prophets did of old but in a more palatable way. They need to know that the homes of their souls are in danger, so we tell them, but we must also show them by escaping the burning building of the world ourselves by living differently.  

Many of us who shout the loudest about the fire still go back to rest in our own burning apartments, thus confusing those we warn. To make our message clearer, we must exit the building of the world as much as possible. Put aside the kindling of entertainment, news, social media, gaming, sex, and gluttony. This is how we draw people out of the fire of separation from Christ and His Church not just with our necessary words but by our actions. 

So, Lord, help us to step out and lead others out of the fire by our words and example. Help us to bypass their defenses against the shouts of “fire” by shouting our loved example. Lord, hear my prayer. 

Written 1/21/21 AD

Human-written, AI spell-checked

Image from eu1 at Pixaby


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