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Withered Hand

Jesus healed the withered hand of the man in the Temple. We all have withered hands. One of the fingers of my withered hand represents my difficulty with relationships. My withered hand clings, seemingly unable to hold with an open hand. 

An open hand is a throne for someone to sit on, a vice grip is a cage. Jesus's heart is wide open.

Fear withers like heat and causes clenching. A fear-filled heart clenches, causing the hand to grip tighter. Fear of loss is caused by Jesus not being at the center of it. A heart with Jesus at the center is secure and full, so it doesn’t fear the loss of any person or thing and is able to detach. A heart without Jesus at its center puts people and things at its center and so attaches and grips them tight.

Jesus nourishes the heart when He is at its center. People and things do not have His superabundance of nutritional value, leaving the heart wanting and clenching. 

Fill us with You, Jesus.

Human-written, AI spell-checked

Written 1/21/21


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