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Unworthily Worthy

2 Thes 1:1-12 "...our God may make you worthy of His call..."

I think I know what I have been called to, or at least what I am called to at this moment in time, but I am held back, in part, by my focus on my unworthiness. Awareness of unworthiness is necessary for living out our call, but focusing on that unworthiness is stunting and diabolical. 

We are not to wait to be worthy to begin living our calling, or we will never live it. Living it while in our unworthiness is how He transforms us and makes us increasingly, though never wholly, worthy. 

Community living is a calling that is filled with living it unworthily. As is evangelization. I am a broken man. 

"...and fulfill by His power every honest intention and work of faith..."

Honest but imperfectly lived out intention and work of faith. He knows what is behind what we do. He knows the good behind or beside the imperfect or disordered action. Just as the Holy Spirit prays for us for we know not how to pray, He also acts for us in our actions?

"... His was a willing sacrifice..." -From the Catecheses by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop

To willingly live His call imperfectly is a sacrifice of ego and pride. To accept that this is what He wants for me, even though I admittedly suck at it, will not deter me by His grace only.  

Psalm 51 "Have mercy on me O God in your kindness..." 

The challenging life He calls us to is His mercy. Our ability to see and accept our weakness is merciful.

Rom 8:18-21 "... will be freed from its slavery to corruption.."

Ongoing freeing and growth to become more worthy. Or are we ever worthy? I think that may be the point. We can never be worthy of God's gifts. Accept that and get on with living the calling?

Written 2/3/21 AD

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